Breedlove's Supreme Air Cushions

Breedlove's Supreme Air Cushions!

Mike's Air Cushions have pockets where an air-activated warm pack can be inserted to enable comfort for hours during cold weather activities. To add to the flexibility of the cushions, Mike also incorporated an adjustable air valve. This valve allows for you to adjust the amount of air pressure inside of the cushion to ensure the highest level of comfort.

Choose the Style that's Best for You!

We have the perfect air cushion for everyone and every situation!

The Original Realtree® - $36.95

This cushion has the same great features as the Original but is shown with the Realtree® Camo.

The Realtree® Bow/Rifleman - $36.95

This is the cushion for those long hours of waiting on that trophy of a lifetime. The Bow/Rifleman is covered in soft, quiet 100% cotton chamois, making noise an impossibility. Featuring the new Realtree® pattern and air-activated warm pack for those cold days on the stand.

The Duckman - $33.95

Covered with heavy cotton/poly water-resistant material, the Duckman cushion makes any seat more comfortable, with or without icy conditions!

*NEW* Jakes Cushion - $28.95

Youth of all ages will love this comfortable air cushion for any hunting need, deer to dove.

*NEW* The Original Realtree® Pink - $36.95

This cushion has the same great features as the Original but is shown with the Realtree® Camo in pink.

*NEW* The Deer and Turkey Stool - $25.95

Air cushion with Fastex buckle for securing cushion to stool. Great for dove also.

The Supreme Hunter's Belt - $48.95

For determined hunters on the go. Breedlove's Supreme Air Cushion is the ultimate hunter's belt. It's 1-1/2" nylon belt and fastex buckle is fully adjustable and carries a fleece-lined box call holster. Realtree® pattern with turkey or bow belt and possibles pouch. Also includes safety flag.

The Racing Cushion - $38.95

Sitting on metal bleachers at the races can be uncomfortable. But with our new Racing Cushion, you'll be able to enjoy all the races - from the go-carts to NASCAR.

Fishing/Stadium (Blue & White) - $36.95

Our Fishing Cushion is made to fit on just about any type seat, whether you're fishing from the bank on a stool or in a professional bass boat.

Stadium (Gold & Red) - $36.95

When the game goes into overtime you'll be comfortable sitting on our stadium cushion. Available in 12 different color combinations - colors for just about any school.

Mouth Inflator for Cushions - $10.95

Our cushions can be adjusted by a compressor, an air pump, or by our Mouth Inflator. Our Mouth Inflator for Cushions is great for the field when you want to adjust your comfort.

*NEW* Whistling Wings Lay Down Air Mat or Blind - $74.95

The ultimate in comfort on those cold, damp hunts. Works great in a lay down blind or as a blind itself! 500/1000 denim cardura and commercial strong air blades for long lasting life afield. Heatable using air activated warm packs.

*NEW* Boss Gobbler Lounge - $56.95

Sit back on air and don't worry about that gobbler hanging up. You have ultimate air comfort on your back and seat. Easy carrying with shoulder strap.

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