Breedlove's Supreme Air Cushions

History of The "Original" Air Cushion

They say that "Necessity is the mother of invention." According to Mike Breedlove, founder and CEO of Breedlove's Air Cushion, this is the absolute truth. An avid hunter and fisherman for over 50 years, Mike has developed a product that was born from many backaches after sitting in the woods for too long. Mike had tried other products with high-hopes of being able to stay in the woods as long as he wanted. Instead, his back and rear end were dictating his time spent in the field. It was from this desire to find a better seat that Mike developed his patented, Original Air Cushion that many avid sports enthusiasts just won't be caught in the field without.

Realizing that not all activities take place in ideal conditions, Mike has developed a great deal of flexibility into his sport cushions. The cushions can be used in cold weather as well as warm. Mike's Air Cushions have pockets where an air-activated warm pack can be inserted to enable comfort for hours during cold weather activities. To add to the flexibility of the cushions, Mike also incorporated an adjustable air valve. This valve allows for you to adjust the amount of air pressure inside of the cushion to ensure the highest level of comfort.

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